Interview with Preston FM community radio

I was interviewed about my research yesterday by a journalist from  Preston FM community radio…the guy sounded very nice and I enjoyed talking with him…he got my name wrong which he at least apologised for

:) happy

…I  had another radio interview experience, this time with BBC Radio Lancashire,  last year where the journalist was totally oblivious to the fact that he got my name wrong…and he also was rather patronising… and very casual (too casual) when he was asking me what sectioning was like for me…as if he was asking me what i had for breakfast…

:( sad

 I guess he was trying to ‘normalise’ my experience of sectioning, but sectioning is a very abnormal experience…anyhow, much better radio interview experience yesterday…

:) happy

 with Preston FM…community radio people seem to be more sensitive and actually better at their job

:) happy

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