Spooktastic Halloween Special by Ria Dylan and Rachel Rowan Olive

Welcome to our special edition Halloween blog dedicated to all things that have us cowering behind the sofa and keep us awake at night.

It is something of a tradition on Twitter for people to choose a spooky Halloween name for the duration of October. Rachel, being a creative type, thought about what it is that she finds currently most terrifying and changed her name to:


I followed suit and was soon terrifying Mad Twitter with my new spooky name:


We invited others to join the Mad Twitter Social Policy Spooky Name Cult and soon people were flocking from far and wide to join our efforts to scare the bejeezus out of of people.

Traditionally, Halloween has been a time for the normals to dress up like mad folk in blood soaked ‘psycho’ costumes or straightjacketing up, making light of historical psy torture. This Halloween, Rachel and I have been thinking about the things going on the world that are truly terrifying and are offering handy costume suggestions.


Bedroom Tax Costume:


2017 PIP Mobility Regulations Costume: This costume can be created by fashioning a cardbox into a house shape to be worn around your body, denoting the 150,000 people who can no longer get support to leave their homes.


PIP Assessor Costume: Wear your normal clothes, but periodically kick random strangers’ legs out from under them.


Psychiatric Nurse Costume: Wear your normal clothes, but pick a stranger to follow everywhere, keeping them in your eyesight at all times. Make sure you don’t let them lock the bathroom door. If they object, look bemused and pelt them with sedatives until they shut up.


Side Effects Costume: Soak yourself in water to simulate excessive sweating from Citalopram. Invest in a fat suit to simulate antipsychotic weight gain. Develop diabetes.


Brown Envelope Costume: Just wear a giant brown envelope. For added effect lie down on the doormat of any welfare claimant. Guaranteed to frighten the life out of them.



Austerity Costume: Choices abound for this costume. You can dress as a rich person getting richer, a poor person getting poorer. You could fashion your own food bank out of cardboard to wear and distribute food that does not require cooking or the use of gas or electricity to consume. Use your imagination! (Imaginary food also a good prop here).


IAPT Costume: This costume is only suitable for the slightly mental.


Work Coach Costume: Wear your normal clothes but find unemployed people to blame for the state of the job market and inaccessible work places. Make sure they are aware of their laziness and personal moral culpability for the political structures we pretend are not to blame for unemployment. Bonus points for sanctioning a person with mental health problems.


Day-Centre Costume: Sorry, this costume is currently out of stock.


‘It’s Your Choice’ Costume: Wear your normal clothes. Find someone in dire need of help. Lecture them on autonomy and the dangers of dependency.


Adequate Support Costume: You can effectively portray the state of adequate support in this country by wearing an invisibility cloak.


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