Asylum 26.1 – Spring 2019


ASYLUM calls itself the radical mental health magazine.  Being radical, or critical, may seem like a relatively straightforward project, but it isn’t always easy to define, or straightforward to put into practice.

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Life at the Coal Face by Nina Bradshaw

An insider’s account of working in modern mental health services

I worked in a Home Treatment team for almost 2 years. I took the job reluctantly, after deciding to give the NHS another chance. I had previously worked for the NHS in various roles for 12 years. Read more

What to do if a friend goes mad by Donnard White

This is an attempt to give some practical advice on a problem most people don’t have much experience of but is becoming increasingly common amongst those on the margins of society. Most people realise that carting someone off to the thought police in the loony bin is, if anything, worse than handing them over to the real police – but it’s very difficult to think of an alternative when faced with an extremely exhausting and terrifying situation.

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