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Nuttr By Rachel Rowan Olive and Ria Dylan

It is with great excitement that we are now ready to unveil the much anticipated new dating app Nuttr. Too straight for Grindr? Too loop-the-loop for Tinder? With Nuttr, you need not fear your secret life as a mental, ‘we’re all nuts here’. Read more

Grief Gone Crazy is still Grief – by Ria Dylan

If you happened to catch my podcast on how losing my mind landed me in prison via a burning building, here is a longer version of that story. So long I have had to split it into two parts. Tune in soon for part two, here is part one:

Here is the story of one of the times I went mad. I hesitate slightly to share it, the sharing of mad stories has implications. I am sharing it because I need to, it’s one of my stories that regularly forces its way out of me. Read more