Creating Safe Spaces for Recovery: a one day seminar (Manchester)

27th June 2019 @ 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Working to Recovery
01851 810789. Mob 07884268192

In this one-day seminar Karen and Alison will explore their experiences of running Crisis and Recovery Houses. There is much interest at the moment of how we can create alternatives to hospital admission and treatment. During the morning they will share their experiences, what worked – the afternoon will be exploring in groups what they would envisage the perfect safe space for recovery could be.

Alison ran the very successful Anam Cara for 7 years a crisis and recovery service in the 1990’s in Birmingham, much lauded in the mental health foundation Crisis project workbook and reported in the Guardian.

Karen has been involved in setting up different types of Recovery Houses starting in Gloucester in 2001, currently Houses based on her work with partner Ron Coleman are running in Perth WA, Trieste Italy and Amitola Communities in York UK. Karen has also run residential Five-Day Workshops where people can explore recovery and make leaps in their recovery as well as Recovery Camps, she also regularly uses aids like Skype to walk alongside someone on their recovery journey, creating environments where recovery can and does happen.