Letter from CFP and ABEP

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The Federal Council of Psychology (CFP), created to regulate and supervise the professional practices of psychologists, and the The Brazilian Association of Psychology Education (ABEP), through their Presidents want to express their repudiation of the forced suspension of Ian Parker from his work at Manchester Metropolitan University.
Ian Parker is one of the most respected and influential scholars in the contemporary critical psychology and he has much contributed to the development of Psychology in Latin America.
It is, for us, incomprehensible how a University of such importance would have such aggressive attitude as to suspend someone for defending non-hegemonic ideas, specially in a place where institutional freedom and critical scholarship should be supported.
In recognition of the value of Ian´s contributions to Brazilian Psychology, we appeal to the possibility of reverting this situation, so that Ian Parker can get back to his work soon.
HUMBERTO C. VERONA                                          
President of  The Federal Council of Psychology (CFP)
President of The Brazilian Association of Psychology Education(ABEP)