Ship of Fools

SHIP OF FOOLS, a mental health writers’ collective, was set up in May 2018 by Mary Anne Hill, who is a political researcher and writer from Scotland. See HERE for further details.

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ISPS trustees sought

ISPS UK promotes psychological and social approaches to psychosis. They run national and regional conferences and workshops on key issues, support local groups and special interest groups and promote good practice

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Welfare Imaginaries

At this juncture of intense welfare reform and contracting public provision, the question of how we imagine the welfare state, how it has been imagined and might yet be imagined, are both urgent and provident.  The seminar series aims to bring together academic researchers and other individuals and groups – including activists, artists, journalists, campaigning organisations, and students – who are trying to better understand how we (re)imagine welfare for contemporary times.

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Review of the Mental Health Act – Interim report

The independent review of the Mental Health Act was set up to look at how the legislation in the Mental Health Act 1983 is used and how practice can improve.  The interim report provides an update on the review’s findings to date and its future direction of travel.

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Emotional CPR

Emotional CPR (eCPR) is an educational program designed to enable people to help others through an emotional crisis through:

C = Connecting

P = emPowering, and

R = Revitalizing.

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