Asylum Magazine (Volume 18 No 1) Spring 2011

Welcome to the Mad Pride edition. This is organised by the Mad Hatters of Bath but we had contributions from nutters all over the country, and beyond. When we started organising this edition we didn’t know what material we would get. We just asked people to write about what Mad Pride means to them.

Not academics researching our culture, not professionals defining us, just what yer average diagnosed crazy, multidimensional traveller thought. What we got is a selection of views which, we think, complement each other. The struggle to define our cultural identity will be difficult (but not impossible) so long as the medical model of madness as illness predominates.

Often we hear people arguing why Mad Pride is ‘a bad thing’. They say: ‘What is there to be proud of? I am ill. People with cancer are not proud of their illness.’ Or: ‘I am an individual.

There is no such thing as a Mad Community.’ In this issue of the magazine are the writings of people who know there is a community of the Mad and who celebrate it – from big festivals in Ireland to tea parties in Bath.

And best of all, the Normals are joining in. A big thank you to everyone who sent us stuff, but unfortunately there wasn’t room to publish everything we got, so we’ll just have to get a book together. Until then you can always go to YouTube and type in ‘Mad Pride’.

There you can find videos from all over the world of Mad Pride events, and a few subversive adverts. My personal favourite is the remake of the anti-stigma advert, ‘Time to Change’, put up by Mad Pride UK.

Clare Crestani The Mad Hatters of Bath


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  • Special Issue: Mad Hatters and friends take over Asylum
  • Editorial: Clare Crestani, The Mad Hatters of Bath
  • No, we’re not ‘all in this together’! Dave Harper
  • What is a mad Culture? Dolly Sen
  • The Mad Hatter’s of Bath: the story so far. Clare Crestani
  • Mad Pride Leeds: 2002 – 2010. Terry Simpson
  • Halitosis Killed my Stepmother’s Budgie: A brief the history of Mad Pride London. Hugh Mulhall
  • Letter: Anne Plumb
  • National Perceptions Forum: A Mad Network. Chris Barchard
  • Mad Culture, Mad Community, Mad Life: just for that fun of it. Just Fancied a Rant Clare
  • It’s all about love. John McCarthy
  • Mad Pride Celebrates you! Mind Freedom International Mad Pride Campaign Committee.
  • The Fantastic Time Traversing Magician. The Buddhist Babe.
  • Problem Page
  • If you’re not pissed off then you’re not paying attention. Jenifer Whatever
  • Poems by Tash and Martin
  • This is Light Work. The JD Factor
  • Random Rants. Embrace the Madness Martin
  • Of Bed Knobs and Syringe Sticks. Rufus May
  • Back Page Comment


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