Declaration of Mad Independence by Stephen Killeen

I stand here, a soul completely mad, not fearing the punishments and tortures of Sanity, not fearing the Sane System of Slavery and Oppression known as Psychiatry. Not fearing anyone or anything.

We suffer. We struggle. We crawl, beaten down in the dark. We crawl on broken knees across your wretched asylum floors.

No More! Now we STAND. Now the Mad finally STAND!

I stand here, as a Diagnosed Schizophrenic (meaning, I am twice blessed) … Guilty by Association with Divine Madness.

That simple diagnosis instantaneously convicted me as a deviant criminal in the watchful, nervous, fearful eyes of Society, before any crimes had been done. I was judged by the illusory textbook of psychiatric disorders listed in the infallible DSM-IV.

I am Mad, therefore I am guilty.

I stand here, as one furious Genius (meaning, I have chosen and possess Exceptional Difference, exquisite Imagination and the RevolutionarySpirit of Art).

If you are Mad you are mine. Bring me the sick and I will make their minds strong.

I will turn them on to being Alive, and make them livid to live.

I am the self-proclaimed Emperor of the Mad, crowned by everlasting scars and rage, pierced with consciousness, tattooed with lust… and filled with relentless passions immeasurable.

I wear my scars proudly. Funny how Sanity should think they can harm me – my whole existence is scarred. My mind is impossible.

I am writing the future, rather than being submissive and swallowed mind, body and soul, by the increasing avalanche tide of Sanity’s totalitarianism.

I question and mistrust Sanity, its intentions and means and motives.

Madness is natural. Sanity is the accepted aberration.

Sanity’s just a delusion that the unthinking masses have adopted as their truth.

Madder and madder, sicker and sicker, crazier and crazier.

That is the path to Imagination, which leads the mind and soul to complete Liberation and Beauty.

I was not born an ‘Indian Savage’, as mentioned in the Declaration of Independence brought to the U.S. Congress, July 4, 1776. However, it is with their blood,
their spirit, their minds seething within my own mind, that I stand against you.

Throughout the Ages, without provocation, the fearfully ignorant, terrified Sane have gathered in mass numbers  with the common goal of scapegoating and destroying the Mad.

The Sanity Machine has obsessively hunted the Mad with a lawless, voracious appetite for our skulls and blood. Their thirst for our annihilation is insatiable,
deranged and hell-bent.

And this they have so thunderously proven by their own actions, with our mad blood on their hands.

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Trepanning was rampant in the Middle Ages.