‘Unpacking Early Intervention in Psychosis’ by Nev Jones (ISPS conference – USA – October 2013)

Attaching here a link to a video of a talk given by Nev Jones on ‘Unpacking Early Intervention in Psychosis’ from the ISPS conference in the States in October 2013. The theme of the conference concerned links between the notions of ‘Schizophrenia’ and ‘Recovery’.

The Maze by William Kurelek
The Maze by William Kurelek

Nev is a service user academic and researcher (for want of a better description) and a survivor activist in the USA. She is a critical thinker and a great woman. She also expresses self-doubt (even though she is very knowledgeable) which is a rather rare quality in intellectuals these days. Nev has had a diagnosis of schizophrenia and is involved in the running of the Hearing Voices Network in Chicago.

Finally, Nev is a founding member of the Lived Experience Research Network in the States (http://www.lernetwork.org/), an organisation that seeks to ‘bridge research and advocacy by people with lived experience to advance social change’.
I liked Nev’s talk on ‘Unpacking Early Intervention in Psychosis’ a lot. I think Nev is making some really poignant points from both a mental health care and a user-led research perspective.
The video of Nev’s talk can be accessed on
The Maze, produced by William Kurelek whilst he was a patient in the Maudsley Hospital in London  in the 1950s