Mad World: Repeat Prescription Art Exhibition Celebrates 30 years of Asylum Magazine

If you are in Edinburgh come along to Gallery One at St Margaret’s House (3rd Floor, St. Margaret’s House, 151 London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 6AE) from 6.30pm for the opening of the Mad World art exhibition and a series of short presentations. Exhibition then open every day until 8pm from 30th September to 15th October

Mad world graphic

Occurring during the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, this exhibition is marking the 30th Anniversary of Asylum Magazine for Democratic Psychiatry.

Come and see a collection of art works brought together with a library of books on mental health where the viewer is invited to decide who is mad by means of a logic riddle. This is the second time that the art exhibition has run, this time repeating on the year of the 30th anniversary of Asylum Magazine for Democratic Psychiatry.

You are invited to come and hang a piece of art work on one of the 30 art easels expressing what you feel should be a part of an evolving exhibition examining people’s feelings and attitudes towards mental health, madness and how people with labels are treated.


There is no consensus, but there is a working dissensus which is emerging as a field of study known as Mad Studies. This is the collective expressions and thoughts of those who live in the shadow of dominant explanations of mental health.


Come along for an evening of short presentations to accompany the opening of the Mad World Exhibition

  • A short introduction by Dr Steve Tilley
  • A short history of Art Therapy
  • A historical overview by Mike McInnes
  • A question and answer session with Alex Dunedin
  • A reading from Clare Midgley from her sons book


Some food is provided, it is bring your own bottle (alcohol is welcome) – people are invited to bring an item of food to put on the table to share, and take away what is left at the end.

The exhibition is open to everyone. It is an art exhibition set against a riddle from famous logician Raymond Smullyan. Introducing the famous Rosenhans experiment and a whole library of survivor user literature with key themes highlighted through art.  People are invited to work out who is mad by looking at the works of art.

Mad World is an exhibition of works of various artists and individuals who have something to say about madness.  This is an exhibition of works, some anonymous, some signed, set amongst a library of books which have contributed something to the crystalisation of Mad Studies as an academic field.

Still open and inspired by the 30 years of Asylum Magazine the gallery is filled with a retrospective collection of Asylum Magazine amongst the interconnected web of thinkers and actors who have contributed to democratic psychiatry.