Asylum Magazine (Volume 24 No 4) Winter 2017

This issue consists mainly of material offered at our public event in June 2017 – Asylum: Action to Reaction. We include most of the main presentations, some of the workshops, and some reactions as well – both positive and more critical. We take criticism very seriously. Within the bounds of civility, Asylum is a completely open forum for debate.

So please let us know your thoughts on any matter, or suggest what you would like us to cover. In the meantime, among our plans for future topics (issues or part-issues) is to explore the question of companion animals and mental health.

If you are interested in contributing, on this or any other topic, get in touch! P.S. Please bear with us while our website is being redesigned and updated. We hope to include more content soon…


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  • Editorial
  • Asylum: Action to reaction – Milan Buddha Ghosh
  • What is to be done? – Roy Bard
  • When the mad research the mad – Sue Phillips, Penny Stafford & Shirley Anne Collie
  • Creative responses to mental distress – Rufus May, Anne-Marie McKenzie & Apostolia Fotoglou
  • Keeping the fun in dysfunctional – Yasmin Dewan
  • Rethinking psychiatry – Suman Fernando
  • HELP! – Rachel Rowan Olive
  • Neoliberal Hard Times – Mick McKeown
  • Madsplaining – Ria Dylan & Rachel Rowan Olive
  • Can clinical psychology ever be radical? – Craig Newnes
  • Neoliberalism and mental health policy in Brazil – Wilson Franco & Paulo Beer
  • Poetry and Prose
  • Tolerate this! – Ria Dylan
  • News and reports
  • Breaking free – Mad Pride Hull