Asylum Magazine 23.3 – Autumn 2016

There have been a fair number of themed editions of the magazine during the last couple of years. This time, ranging from the polemic to the poetic, the serious to the more humorous, the contents reflect a disparate variety of concerns to some of our readers, and these items have been waiting to see the light of day.

Diana Rose’s article (page 5) particularly addresses our publishing policy, and as we say in reply, we agree that there probably is a lack of user/survivor research-based contributions, and we certainly do welcome those kinds of articles. All the same, we invite material from any quarter or point of view, so if you feel you have something to say – let us know!

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News from Soteria Bradford

Survivor Research (or not) in Asylum

Diana Rose and A Response from the Editors

Inside Out Revolution Yasmin Setarrah

My Year of Suicide Mark Peterson

Mental Disorder is More Than a Chemical Imbalance Kate Kennedy

Everything is a Symptom & a Symptom is Everything Sonia Soans

Unkindest Cuts   Stephanie Taylor-King, Sarah Carr & Taz Edwards-White *SAMPLE ARTICLE*

Double Bind   Sean Burn


Obsessive Posting Disorder   Declan Flynn

One Flew Over the Dragon’s Den    No_Label_Dave

‘Stigma’ and Mental Illness    Harold A Maio

The Unrecovery Star  Recovery in the Bin

Artwork   Alex Dunedin

Literature Portraying Mental Illness   Jhilmil Breckenridge

Photographs Scott Michael


Driving Somewhere Beautiful   Mike Snelle

News and Findings


Details of some contributors

Mark Peterson, PhD, is a retired school administrator and lives in Orem, Utah.Sonia Soans trained as a psychologist and now, through research, examines issues such as gender, nationalism and media in the production of mental illness and violence.Stephanie Taylor-King, National Survivor User Network (NSUN)Sarah Carr, Middlesex University, London

Taz Edwards-White, METRO Centre, London

Jhilmil Breckenridge is a writer, poet and activist who was incarcerated twice in India. She can be contacted on

Sean Burn is a writer/performer/outsider artist with active involvement in disability arts. Much of Sean’s creative work ‘reclaims the languages of lunacy’ based on his own long-term experience as a psychiatric survivor. He is part of Mad Studies North-East.


Sample article:

Unkindest cuts: reflections on destruction and resilience in LGBTQ community-based mental health support

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