Asylum 25.3 – Autumn 2018


This special Welfare Rights feature was inspired by discussions with people attempting to navigate the welfare system and has been developed by co-editor Ria Dylan and Danny Taggart.

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Asylum 25.3 presents a series of articles that reflect the despair, illness and worse that people have suffered as a result of the unprecedented governmental attack upon disabled people in the UK in the previous decade. It also documents examples of how this bureaucratic onslaught has been, and continues to be, resisted by disabled people, their communities and allies.

This issue also includes an article by Akiko Hart on debates around diagnosis in mental health, published earlier this month as our ‘preview’ article; Liam Kirk’s piece on low paid workers in the NHS; Patrick Wood’s reflection on the history and current state of the mental health service user/survivor movement; news about the campaign to end mechanical restraint in Spain, along with letters, creative writing, news and reports.



Introduction to Welfare Rights Special Feature – Danny Taggart

Dead and Dying – Miriam Bender

The Terror of the Brown Envelope – Maria Pike, Disabled People Against the Cuts

The Life and Times of a Modern Day Mental – Ria Dylan

Case Studies No Longer – Ellen Clifford, Inclusion London

Will the Power Threat Meaning Framework Help Survivors on Welfare?  –  A Service User

Supporting Claimants: a practical guide – Jay Watts  *** SAMPLE ARTICLE ***

Pursuing Choice, Not Truth: debates around diagnosis in mental health   –  Akiko Hart ***PREVIEW ARTICLE ***

Is the NHS a Cash Cow? – Liam Kirk

Letters  –  Liam Kirk and Andrew Baxter

Creative Writing – Joanna Marsh, Roy Hayde, Oliver Swingler and Irene Flack

Working Together for Change – Patrick Wood

Campaign To End Mechanical Restraint in Spain    

News and Reports

Sample article

Supporting Claimants: a practical guide by Jay Watts

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