Asylum 21.1 – Spring 2014

This issue of Asylum has a focus on creative responses to difficult times and has been guest edited by Paul Atkinson and Janet Haney for the Alliance for Counselling and Psychotherapy.


Creative responses to difficult times – Editorial Paul Atkinson and Janet Haney
Creating a Community The Bridge Collective
Three Poems: Stoddart House, Stoddart House – (Bird, Beast, Man, Mouse); Le père sans merci (Merciless
Father); The house that ‘Dad’ built  Rob Cunliffe
Then Play OnJennifer Maidman
Getting it down on Paper – Michel Syrett and Suzy Johnston
Sage community arts Andrea Heath
Three Poems: Last stand – one time friend; St Pancras
International; Raw truth Kaz Reeves
The PsyCommons Denis Postle
Does No One Remember A S Neill ?Ros Kane
Messerschmidt & Me Scott Farlow
Names, a short play Simon McCormack
Some reflections on Theatre , Psychoanalysis and Verse as medicine Stephen Gee
‘The Spirit of Utopia ’ & ‘Sanatorium’: Who are we? Where are we going? What are we waiting for? Isobel Urquhart
Start 2: live life more creatively Tamzin Foster
Asylum News
Letter to the Editor : Struggling for community – A letter in response to Meg Kelly’s article criticising a PA house Paul Gordon

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