Asylum 21.4 – Winter 2014


The United States incarcerates more people than any other country in the world, and the majority of these prisoners suffer from mental health conditions.  This issue has a focus on US prisons.

21.4 cover


Editorial –  Summer Schrader
Tears of Darkness, Hidden Secrets  – Abu-Ali Abdur’Rahman
Crane – Abu-Ali Abdur’Rahman
The Machine’s Mechanical Heart – Donald Joseph Urbanski
Attending the Funeral of Kin and Abusers – Noemi Martinez
Edward Berkin Was My… – Arnie King
Keeping What is Mine –  Kenneth Brydon
Haircut – Carlito Ewell
A False Lexicon – Arthur Longworth
Study of Human with Homemade Flowers” [Ambivalent Reality] – B. Pat
Prisons as the “ New Asylums” – Liat Ben-Moshe
How Many People Are Locked Up in the United States The Prison Policy Initiative
The Two of Us – Alan Scally
Anticipatory Allyship – Adelle Menees
Artwork – Anna Morrow
Superman – Emile DeWeaver
When We Evaluate Prisons, We Tend Not to Think of Prisoners-  Lacino Hamilton
An Offender Manifesto – Lacino Hamilton
The Story of How I Got Locked Up – Rohan Sharma
There Are No Insane Folks Here – Gary Cone
Moccasin Bend Health Institute 1969 – Bonnie Kelly
Voice of the Snowman (a cento) – Owen Griffin
Artwork Serina Conception
The Long Wave Goodbye – Donald Urbanski
Letter – B. Pat