Asylum 25.4 – Winter 2018


This issue contains an interview with Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson, authors of the Inner Level.

Asylum 25-4
New Asylum cover design by Nick Lloyd

In the face of increasing numbers of people who are living and dying on the streets, this issue of Asylum calls for safe havens and a new, more holistic approach to mental health care.  In this issue, we also consider how the underlying politics of Mad Pride can be seen to be consistent with demands for prescription abolition; the impact of the Hearing Voices Movement on one professional’s practice, and we publish a reflection, by a veteran survivor activist, on activism in the 80s.  We include too pieces with a focus on distress and anxiety.  This issue turns the spotlight on women’s mental health, the summit on global mental health, mental health activism and research in Poland and a strike of mental health workers in France.

Asylum 25.4 includes our usual news section along with a selection of creative writing.

We have changed the strapline of Asylum to ‘the radical mental health magazine. We used to be called the magazine for democratic psychiatry because we were inspired by the Italian movement to close down large mental hospitals and develop more democratic mental health services. We are still proud of our roots but we want to extend our reach, beyond psychiatry or even ‘democratic’ psychiatry. We are also influenced by the psychiatric survivor and Mad liberation movements and people have told us over the years that they think democratic psychiatry is an oxymoron. We don’t know if we agree, but we do want to keep it an open question.


Every year at this time – Phil Hutchinson
Prescription Abolition and the Politics of Mad Pride – Anon  ***  SAMPLE ARTICLE ***
Shedding the Safe Coat of Professionalism – Caroline von Taysen
A History of Survivor Action – Peter Campbell
An Interview with Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett – Jonathan Gadsby  *** SAMPLE ARTICLE ***
Turn Up the Volume on Women’s Mental Health
Distress Not Illness – Neil Caton
Anxiety is fear. Anxiety is exhaustion. Anxiety is irrational. Anxiety is real – Donna Parry
Mental Health Activism and Research in Poland
On the Need for Dialogue – Owen Spalding
Exploiting Our Good Souls – Sanchita Islam
Ahhhh, Sleep – Morrene Hauser
Creative Writing: Andrew Baxter, Carroll Ann Susco & Poppy Lingham
Psychiatry in France: Workers strike back
News and Reports
Summit on Global Mental Health Sparks Critical Response from Service-Users and Rights Groups

Sample articles

Prescription Abolition and the Politics of Mad Pride – Anon

An Interview with Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett – Jonathan Gadsby

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