Asylum Magazine (Volume 31, No 2) – Summer 2024


The Summer 2024 edition of Asylum magazine is out now.


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Back to Basics: Abuse ≠ Healthcare – Not Alone Collective *** SAMPLE ARTICLE ***

Poem: Checks Complete – Gareth Drake

Abandonment is a camera by your bed – Joseph Conway

Don’t Panic, Organise – Rick Burgess  *** SAMPLE ARTICLE ***

Poem: In Moments of Despair – Mark Lasky

War, Occupation and Mental Health – Janine Booth

Asylum in Kosovo

A Life Stifled – John Herbert

Poem: Moss – Ewen Glass

Social Justice through different doors – Julia MacIntosch

Bullshit Man and Conscience Stricken Woman – Alastair Boocock, Jill Anderson and Google Bard

Capitalism’s Executive Dysfunction – Hannah Priest

Poem: The Octopus of your Distress – Emily Karl

Living with Bipolar – Leo Fitzsimmons

Poem: Clinicians – Abraham Arugete

Sane Emotional Experience and the Borderline Revolt – Ceros

Whose line is it anyway? – Doll

Word salad and a few other ‘ming-doos’ – Peter Brown

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News Round-Up


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