Asylum Magazine (Volume 26 No 2) Summer 2019

Asylum magazine strives to link the politics of mental health to broader progressive political struggles, social movements and campaigns. For example, Extinction Rebellion has been calling attention to the devastating impact of climate change. It has already had significant transformational impact, at least on public consciousness, not dissimilar to that of the #MeToo campaign in raising awareness of sexual violence.

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The best kept secret in psychiatry by Maria Grazia Turri

In one of Georges Simenon’s short novels, Maigret’s Doubts, Inspector Maigret receives the visit of a man who suspects his wife of wanting to poison him. The man tells of having been off colour recently and accuses his wife on the basis of having found some rat poison in the broom cupboard. Read more

Asylum Magazine (Volume 26 No 1) Spring 2019


ASYLUM calls itself the radical mental health magazine.  Being radical, or critical, may seem like a relatively straightforward project, but it isn’t always easy to define, or straightforward to put into practice.

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Life at the Coal Face by Nina Bradshaw

An insider’s account of working in modern mental health services

I worked in a Home Treatment team for almost 2 years. I took the job reluctantly, after deciding to give the NHS another chance. I had previously worked for the NHS in various roles for 12 years. Read more