My Psychedelic Healing Experience by Rust Cohle

I had a serious nervous breakdown and a diagnosis of clinical depression and PTSD following a near death experience in a road traffic accident a couple of years ago. Thankfully my brother escaped and we both survived. But unfortunately, I was trapped in the wreckage of the car for an hour and a half with a head injury and a fractured femur before being cut out of the mangled shell by the fire service and taken to the nearest hospital by helicopter. Read more

Asylum Magazine (Volume 26 No 2) Summer 2019

Asylum magazine strives to link the politics of mental health to broader progressive political struggles, social movements and campaigns. For example, Extinction Rebellion has been calling attention to the devastating impact of climate change. It has already had significant transformational impact, at least on public consciousness, not dissimilar to that of the #MeToo campaign in raising awareness of sexual violence.

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