Introduction to Whittingham Lives by Jacquie Crosby & Mick McKeown


Asylum 26.3 includes a special feature onWhittingham Lives, an arts and heritage project honouring the histories of the people who lived and worked at Whittingham Asylum in Preston. The feature includes several reflections and outcomes from the project. The first of these outlines the Whittingham Lives project. Read more

My Psychedelic Healing Experience by Rust Cohle

I had a serious nervous breakdown and a diagnosis of clinical depression and PTSD following a near death experience in a road traffic accident a couple of years ago. Thankfully my brother escaped and we both survived. But unfortunately, I was trapped in the wreckage of the car for an hour and a half with a head injury and a fractured femur before being cut out of the mangled shell by the fire service and taken to the nearest hospital by helicopter. Read more