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Liberation Day…and I woke up singing…

24th April…I woke up singing today…it is Liberation Day…4 years ago (in 2009) on 24th April my Section under the Mental Health Act 2007 was lifted and I was discharged from Willow Ward at Park House, North Manchester General Hospital… I was compulsorily detained on Willow Ward at Park House for 3 months (28 January-24 April 2009)… Read more

Innovative Learning for Sexual, Reproductive and Mental Health

Dear Readers… At the Centre for Women’s Mental Health, Manchester University (where I am based), we are offering a FREE half day workshop for female mental health service users from the North West of England who wish to improve their knowledge about sexual and reproductive health matters and their interaction with mental health. Read more

Media Headlines Concerning Mental Health Service Users in England: An Alice in Wonderland Affair?

Looking at media headlines from 2011 and 2012 concerning users of mental health services in England evokes in me a strong, odd sense of living and operating  in two parallel and contradictory universes – a sense of paradox that brings to mind Alice and her transportation from the boredom of her riverbank reality (she was sitting with her sister at a  riverbank, the story goes) to the adventurous fantasy world of Wonderland…

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Dina’s Story: Why I Absconded From an Acute Ward by Dina Poursanidou

In 2009 I was compulsorily detained under the Mental Health Act in an acute psychiatric ward in North Manchester Hospital. I absconded twice within a week during my first month there – fairly soon after my admission – even though I was supposedly on close 1:1 observation, especially at night. This was because I was acutely suicidal when I was first admitted, and that was the reason for my sectioning. Read more