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What Are You Creatively Maladjusted To?

The salvation of our world lies in the hands of the maladjusted’ (Martin Luther King);  A project of Mind Freedom International… Excerpt from Martin Luther King’s speech at Western Michigan University (December 18th, 1963) where he made reference to the idea of ‘creative maladjustment’:  Read more

The ideology, politics and moral values behind psychiatry’s new Bible (DSM-5)

I listened to a really interesting and thought provoking programme on the radio this morning…the interview of Will Hall (psychiatric survivor and advocate) with Gary Greenberg (psychotherapist) on Madness Radio, broadcasted from the USA. Gary Greenberg, among others, is the  author of Manufacturing Depression and The Book of Woe: The DSM and the Unmaking of Psychiatry.  Read more

Technophobe goes on Twitter…

Dearest Readers of Dina’s Blog…. This is just to say that I have just opened a Twitter account…yes, tackling my technophobia (and twitterophobia as a friend put it) full on… I would be delighted if you cared to send me comments on my blog posts on Twitter too… Read more