Compassionate Mental Health

24th September 2019 – 26th September 2019 all-day
South Wales
Brigid Bowen

Compassionate Mental Health is part of a growing worldwide movement calling for a more integrative approach to mental health – one that relies less on diagnosis and prescription drugs, and more on empowering the person and engaging their social networks. At the heart of the project is a belief that it is possible to begin to heal oneself and others through the power of community, connection, self care and solidarity.

In our next Gathering – Uncharted: Freeing Up the Future – we are once again bringing together people who are interested in new ways of approaching mental illness. Our key message remains that a mental health crisis can become a meaningful turning point and catalyst for change. We believe a culture of compassion and collaboration must replace our existing model of over medicalisation, coercion and restraint.