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19th May 2019

A place of safety? Podcast

Many voices are not heard in British mental health care (and beyond), significant flaws are overlooked. If you are not satisfied...
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19th April 2019

Asylum Volume 17 (2010) now available for free download

We are gradually uploading older issues of Asylum, which will be available as free downloads. Volume 17 is now online....
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18th April 2019

Mad Studies Group – Birmingham

Are you a Lived Experience Practitioner (LXP)? (Mad) Academic? Student? Clinician? Service User? Carer? (more…)
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12th April 2019

‘Engaging with voices’ videos

These 15 videos were created by Elisabeth Svanholmer, Charlie Heriot-Maitland and Rufus May. Filming and editing by John Richardson and his...
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11th April 2019

RE:CREATE psychiatry

The UK mental healthcare system is deemed by many to be failing its users, and lauded by many more as...
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8th April 2019

My name is Rachel: radio programme

Rachel Waddingham hears voices. The first time she heard them she was lying in a bed. “You’re so stupid”, “they...
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6th March 2019

Hidden gems from Asylum’s back-catalogue

Helen Spandler recently had the welcome task of reading through every single back issue of Asylum. Here she writes about...
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25th February 2019

Finding Away – a new production

Written by Laura Lindow in collaboration with Chilli Studios, a Mental Health charity based in Byker. (more…)
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25th February 2019

Asylum as a resource for learning

The editorial group at Asylum are keen to find out how the magazine is being used in teaching. (more…)
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14th February 2019

Madness, Violence and Power: a critical collection

Available for pre-order, this book will be out in May. (more…)
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