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Anxiety and Me

Since Nadiya Hussain won Bake Off in 2015 she’s rarely been off our screens. But behind the scenes Nadiya suffers from extreme anxiety and debilitating panic attacks, which she’s had since childhood. For decades, she has kept her anxiety a secret, ashamed to speak out.

She’s never had a proper diagnosis but thinks she has an anxiety disorder, and with around 5 million people suffering from the condition in the UK, Nadiya is not alone.

In this one-off documentary for BBC One, Nadiya sets out to find the cause of her anxiety, exploring the most effective, available treatments, whilst having therapy herself, in the hope of managing her anxiety.


Psychosis and Me

David Harewood had a psychotic breakdown and was sectioned in his 20s. David traces his steps, meeting young people living with psychosis and the NHS professionals who treat them.


A place of safety? Podcast

Many voices are not heard in British mental health care (and beyond), significant flaws are overlooked.

If you are not satisfied with the status quo or just curious, follow this podcast.

There have been six episodes to date.


‘Engaging with voices’ videos

These 15 videos were created by Elisabeth Svanholmer, Charlie Heriot-Maitland and Rufus May. Filming and editing by John Richardson and his team  

The Engaging with Voices videos are intended as inspiration and support for people interested in compassionate approaches to voices.
If you are hearing voices or having similar experiences and they are causing you distress we would encourage you to seek support from someone you trust.
For more information and support you can have a look at the websites below.

Information about hearing voices and similar experiences:
International website for the hearing voices movement
For young people and their families
Ideas about recovery
Project researching hearing voices

Support forums and links to peer support groups:
In the UK
In the US
For young people
International discussion forum…