Mad studies: webinar series

This series of eight online webinars will introduce participants to mad studies, an emerging, interdisciplinary field encompassing a variety of philosophical, social, and cultural perspectives on what we consider “madness.”

mad studies

As a discipline, mad studies seeks to challenge dominant understandings of “mental illness,” rejecting the notion that the biomedical model of psychiatry is an accurate interpretation of human mental and emotional states. Mad studies offers a variety of alternative conceptualizations and approaches that point to the socially constructed nature of “mental illness” and elevate the voices of people with lived experience.

In this series, participants will be exposed to a variety of perspectives within the mad studies field, including Mad Pride, which embraces and celebrates the traits and states categorized as madness, as well as neurodiversity, which views mental and neurological differences as forms of human diversity, rather than disorders that need to be cured. Participants will learn how they can incorporate the ideas of mad studies into their practice as mental health providers.

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