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Social Policy First Hand – an introduction to participatory social welfare

Written by Sarah Carr and Peter Beresford, Social Policy First Hand is the first comprehensive international social policy text from a participatory perspective.  It presents a new service user-led social policy that addresses the current challenges in welfare provision. A companion volume to ‘All our welfare’, it introduces the voices of different groups of service users, starting from their lived experience.

social policy first hand
social policy first hand

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Solidaritea at the Field

The Mental Health Resistance Network presents SolidariTEA at the Field in Pckham, on1st Feb 2018. It’s a spoken word event featuring the phenomenal Tara Fleur, Woman of Bones. Tara will also be showing her Digital Art, and bringing Friends Made of Bones. Tara identifies as a survivor, and has recently returned to work in the NHS after 17 years of bohemian living. Her work is redolent with passion, bitingly satirical and searingly funny. Please share, and come if you can! It’s gonna be awesome!

solidaritea flyer
solidaritea flyer

Power Threat Meaning framework: new publication

The framework described here, the Power Threat Meaning Framework, is an over-arching structure for identifying patterns in emotional distress, unusual experiences and troubling behaviour, as an alternative to psychiatric diagnosis and classification. The document sets out the conceptual and empirical basis of such a system and is intended as a foundational intellectual resource.

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The Memoirs of a Crazy Happy Lady Blog

Late 20 something year old, trying to work out what the F is going on in life whilst being saddled with one or two mental health conditions. Winning.  The lighter and darker side of Mental Health. Approach with caution. Protected armour advised if you are easily offended.

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