Asylum magazine 25.2 – Summer 2018


This issue opens with an article by @validconsent which underlines the profound challenges involved in our notion of ‘democratic psychiatry’.  How does one provide a safe space for challenging and diverse opinions to be expressed: at a conference; on a psychiatric ward; on social media; or in the pages of our magazine?   Those questions go to the very heart of Asylum’s collective struggle.  They are crucial for those involved in the review of the Mental Health Act, as well as those who are framing responses to it.  They are also key to understanding how debates about psychiatric medication can be conducted in ways that are respectful of deeply held and diverse views.  These two subjects take up the majority of this issue of Asylum.

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Asylum Magazine 24.1 – Spring 2017

This issue is the second in our two-part series highlighting new and original work on the theme of Mad Studies –  inspired by the second Mad Studies stream at the Lancaster Disability Studies conference in September 2016. Read more

If it’s #MeToo, it can’t be #JustThem by Deborah A. Lee

People would have asked: “What were you wearing? How much did you drink?” And “Why didn’t you report him?” And so … shame & silence, over, and over, and over, again.

A nursing postgraduate berated me for ripping up the cervical smear test reminders; she never asked why, and I wouldn’t have told her. Life isn’t trauma-informed. If you’re called for a medical appointment, you attend it – obviously. Read more

Nuttr By Rachel Rowan Olive and Ria Dylan

It is with great excitement that we are now ready to unveil the much anticipated new dating app Nuttr. Too straight for Grindr? Too loop-the-loop for Tinder? With Nuttr, you need not fear your secret life as a mental, ‘we’re all nuts here’. Read more