A Dog Called Bob Dylan by Ria Dylan

This is Bob. Bob came to live with me in 2013 when he was 10 weeks old. I had thought for a long time I would like a dog, I felt the companionship and forced exercise would do me good. Bob, however, was not a planned addition. I had just moved house. My few years of relative mental stability was being threatened by various events in my life. Read more

From Psychiatric Abuse to Psychiatric Neglect? by Helen Spandler

When Asylum magazine was launched, in 1986, I was immersed in what was dubbed ‘anti-psychiatry’ literature. I didn’t get involved in Asylum until a few years later, but I was already a reluctant observer of the mental health system. My dad had been in the local psychiatric hospital, and was out of work due to ongoing mental health problems. Read more

Campaign for the Abolition of Schizophrenia Label by Paul Hammersley and Terence McLaughlin

This campaign is no longer active, but it ran. The idea that schizophrenia can viewed as a specific, genetically determined, biologically driven, brain disease has been based on bad science and social control since its inception. If the scientific argument against `schizophrenia’ is judged to be won, it remains to take the evidence to the people, to explain and develop the alternatives in the full light of day.  Read more

‘Understanding Professional Thought Disorder’ by Dave Lowson

I came across a blog post entitled ‘Understanding Professional Thought Disorder’ – referring mainly to mental health professionals. Apparently Dave Lowson, a member of Survivors Speak Out, wrote the piece on ‘Understanding Professional Thought Disorder’  back in 1993. The blog post I came across is dated 2 May 2015 Read more