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11th November 2021

Afro-Asian Critical Psychology Conference – call for papers

This virtual conference seeks to create a space for academics to interrogate the exclusion, silencing, and invisibility of work by...
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23rd August 2021

Trieste under threat

The Trieste model of mental health care is recognised by WHO as a world standard for community mental health services....
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26th April 2021

The Possibility of Colour

The Possibility of Colour is a  fantastic new play by Pete Carruthers.  It is about synaesthesia, hearing voices, forced treatment,...
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3rd February 2021

Mad students zine – call for contributions

This zine invites submissions from Mad* and neurodivergent students that offer creative and critical alternatives to typical approaches to ‘student...
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15th September 2020 / blog

10 Alternative Mental Health Resources

Mini-zine by Asylum magazine. (more…)
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15th September 2020 / blog

Asylum Zine

Mini-zine about Asylum magazine. (more…)
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13th June 2020

Book chapter on Asylum magazine – by Helen Spandler

Asylum: the magazine for Democratic Psychiatry in the UK by Helen Spandler has recently been published in the edited book...
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9th June 2020

Other ways to care: an open radio assembly

The neo-liberal project has progressively individualised, privatised and abstracted mental health from social, economic and political conditions. Yet mental health...
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5th May 2020


MadCovid is a shared space for survivor / service user led projects and initiatives that started during the COVID19 pandemic.
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27th February 2020

Outside Mental Health: Voices and Visions of Madness

What does it mean to be called “crazy” in a crazy world? (more…)
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