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Critical Psychiatry

Critical comment and debate about psychiatry. Posts by Duncan Double.

Fostering Change

Tony Roberts is passionate about transformational change in health and social care.  He blogs on his website: Fostering Change.

Heart of Solace

An open  forum for people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and other negative emotions, whether they are the result of life in general, childhood trauma or trauma suffered as an adult.  Posts by Morrene Hauser.

Michelle Torez

Polly Tickle Rambling

Mental health politics and other musings.

Radical Abolitionist

A cognitive liberty blogspace.

Surviving Work 

Working through Psychosis

Tim Dreby is an award-winning author and licensed psychotherapist who works on an urban outpatient psychiatric unit.



Blog postings worth a read. . .

Featured blog post:

Trench Warfare in Mental Health by Tony Roberts


The future of mental health services: the organising challenge ahead by Elizabeth Cotton

“The Angry Consumer”: embracing difficult conversations – by Nev Jones and Emily Cutler

Victimhood as Expertise – by Flick Grey

The enemy between us: how inequality erodes our mental health – by Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson

How NHS mental health services destroyed my life – by Michelle Torez