community resources

Here is a list of links which you can find to web resources on the internet including groups, forums, information resources, blogs, campaigns and documents.

If you know of some which should be on this list please get in touch via the contact page so we can add them to the website….


Campaign for the Abolition of Schizophrenia Label

Drugs, drug companies and psychiatric medication
Articles on ‘disease mongering’

Campaing Against Psychiatric Drug Abuse
Drugwatch – including article on ‘selling side effects’
No Free Lunch
Psychiatric Drug Facts with Peter Breggin
Drug Dangers
Recall Report
The Psychedelic Library

Healthcare Professionals against Electroshock


Mental Health in Higher Education
Oor Mad History
Ragged University
Storying Sheffield

Independent Sector Charities
Mental Health Foundation
National Service User Survivor Network
The International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis

Mental Health Media
Artists in Mind

Mental Health Law and Rights
Department of Health
Mental Health Alliance The Clinic for Boundaries Studies

BBC 4’s All in the Mind

Research projects

Centre for Coproduction in Mental Health
Hearing the voice – interdisciplinary voice-hearing research
McPin Foundation
Service User Research Enterprise

Resources for Critique/Organisations for Change
Critical Mental Health Forum
Critical Psychiatry Network
Freedom Center
Independent Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists & Educators
Mad Studies Network
National Service User Survivor Network
Operation Clambake: Undressing the Church of Scientology
Psychiatric Patients Speak Out
Midlands Psychology Group
Psychologists for Social Change
Surviving Work

See also Mental Health Discussion and Campaigning Groups – UK based [pdf]

National Personality Disorder Website
Hearing Voices Network
National Self Harm Network
Paranoid Thoughts

Social Inclusion
Community Psychology UK
Independent News Collective
National Social Inclusion Programme
Social Perspectives Network

Statutory Organisations
Health Professions Council

Counselling, Therapy and Therapeutic Communities
Counselling for Social Change
Empathic Therapy
Kingsley Hall
Empathic Therapy
Paranoia Network
Planned Environment Therapy Trust

Rethink Manchester Carers in Action