There are a number of ways you can contribute to, and support, Asylum. Three decades of publications have been produced by people getting involved in various ways doing what they want to and can.

Below are some suggestions of ideas which add to or help Asylum Magazine and collective continue. If you have other ideas or ones which you want to discuss, please get in touch by the contact page


If you have contributions and want to share something you can:

  • post it as a comment
  • send it to  [email protected] (for possible inclusion in the mag);
  • set it up as a blog somewhere or create your own blog (which we could link to)

There are a number of ways in which you can contribute to Asylum:

  • Subscribe to Asylum – print and digital versions of the magazine are available.
  • Order bulk copies and distribute them.
  • Set up or join a local group. (See our local groups page for more information)..
  • Get involved in the editorial group.
  • Produce a special issue of Asylum.
  • Contribute an article to Asylum. We are accepting article submissions NOW!  See Guidelines for Contributors.
  • Contribute an original picture or cartoon.
  • Join us on Facebook and spread the word.
  • Follow us on Twitter and spread the word.
  • Sign up to our email list
  • Donate to Asylum Magazine