Art and beginnings of recovery…

Looking for something in a drawer yesterday I found 2 silk scarves that I painted when I was detained in hospital in North Manchester back in 2009. The only meaningful activity on offer there was 2 hours occupational therapy per week; during these sessions I painted the scarves I found yesterday. I thought they are really nice and I remembered I felt proud of myself back then when I painted them. I guess I am amazed I managed to be so creative whilst being on really heavy medication and so demoralised.   I felt quite emotional finding the scarves. they are colourful with warm colours – a stark antithesis to my mood at the time…I remember I used to look forward to the occupational therapy art sessions when I was in hospital…perhaps the only thing I was looking forward to there…perhaps the art I was engaging in during these sessions reminded me of the possibility of another life, a life of freedom and joy away from the hospital where I was deprived of my liberty…perhaps the art symbolised the possibility of recovery for me back then… An example of the redemptive power of the arts when it comes to mental health recovery or the beginnings of recovery in my case?




  • lucilla ,

    That is interesting Dina. I have some paintings I did when heavily medicated and severely/suicidally depressed (luckily this was a long time ago). People have commented that the paintings are enthusiastic and vibrantly colourful. At that time I felt unable to communicate anything positive or hopeful in my sparing verbal exchanges with other people from whom I felt deeply alienated.
    love from lucy

    • Dina ,

      Hi, Lucy
      thanks for sharing this.
      I would love to see these paintings of yours if this is ok with you
      talk soon

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      Was looking for this – so I just tweeted your post on my account – thanks

      • Dina ,