Asylum Magazine (Volume 21 No 3) Autumn 2014

Most of the material for this issue was gathered together by Cheryl Prax who campaigns against electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Included are pieces which discuss the bio-electrical realities, the so-said efficacy, the harmful ‘side effects’, and the social and judicial aspects of this controversial psychiatric treatment; mixed in are a number of accounts of what it is like to be subjected to shock treatment.

The reader can judge whether ECT should be permitted – as a useful ‘last resort’ – or opposed – as always a barbaric and harmful means of psychiatric coercion. But first we must announce the death of a founder of this magazine.


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  • Special Issue: ECT: Brain Damage as Therapy
  • Put Together By Cheryl Prax (Speak Out Against Psychiatry)
  • Editorial
  • Alec Jenner Obituary Phil Virden
  • Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Dr Peter Breggin
  • Electroshock At Bellevue, Age Six Ted Chabasinski
  • Leonard Roy Frank: Electroshock Survivor And Editor
  • ECT & My Lost Life James Oakes
  • ECT – The Last Torture In Civilised Society Sharon Racklyeft
  • ECT: The Myth Of Informed Consent Evelyn Scogin
  • Shock Treatment For An Eating Disorder? Julie Greene
  • Electroshock Mary Maddock
  • ECT … & Fighting Back Deirdre Oliver
  • Why Is ECT Still In Use? Lin Bigwood
  • Shock Is Personal And Criminal Don Weitz
  • Extracts From Peter Breggin’s Blog In The Huffington Post
  • Carrie Burns Kb
  • Mayday – Doctors Who Can’t Wait
  • ECT: ‘THERAPY’ By Harm Phil Virden
  • ECT Survivor Dena Roland
  • Risks Of ECT In Pregnancy Cheryl Prax