Asylum Magazine (Volume 27 No 2) Summer 2020

When we pull together an issue of Asylum, we never quite know how society will have changed by the time it hits the doormat or inbox.

For example, since our last issue, Matt Smith’s call for a Universal Basic Income, has fast moved from the margins to the mainstream.  As we finish editing this issue, we can only guess at the circumstances in which it will be read.

Acknowledging both the profound impact of COVID-19, and the difficulty of escaping from it, we have given it some, but not all, of the space in this issue. A collective overview of the work of MadCovid is followed by a range of individual reflections touching on lockdown, social distancing, solidarity, paranoia, sanctuary, displacement and the destruction of certainties.

In this issue we also include three book reviews, poems, artwork, an obituary of Jan Wallcraft and a range of other pieces. Whilst these were created in what now feels like another time, they still powerfully speak to us, in these new times.

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Paranoia and Hearing Voices Support
MadCovid feature
Lockdown – Frieda B 
POEM: Lockdown – William Park 
I Despise Our Government – Dee Hine
We Are Not Alone – Johanna Luberichs 
Polarised Mental Health Politics in the Coronavirus Era: Who Cares? – Dina Poursanidou  *** SAMPLE ARTICLE ***
Finding Sanctuary in Crazy times! – Kizzy 
Letter – Richard Hallam 
Beware the Emperor’s New Magic Bullet – Henry Bladon *** SAMPLE ARTICLE ***
POEM: Plastic Panacea – Henry Bladon 
The Compliance Machine – Chloe Baggs 
Allergy – Elena Savi
Obituary: Jan Wallcraft
Changing My Mind… or having it changed for me – ROYCURTIS
The Madwoman Dreams of Becoming a Tree – The Psychiatrist Dreams of Becoming a Botanist – Sasha Durakov Warren
POETRY Cathy Place, Kelli Lage, Kristen Shea, Ami J. Sanghvi
A New Scientist World View? – Joy M Rooney 
BOOK REVIEWS – The Great Pretender *** SAMPLE ARTICLE ***; Queer Ink; Bryan Charnley: Art and Adversity
Nature Cures –  Sue Flowers 

Sample articles

Image by Gobscure

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