Thomas Szasz

We’ll miss him I guess by Anthony Morgan

You always got the impression with Thomas Szasz that had he lived to the age of 1000 or 100,000 he still would not have changed his mind one bit. There is something slightly unsettling about this, as it suggests a fanatical or absolutist position that does not sit easily in our post-modern age. Read more

Asylum Magazine (Volume 20 No 1) Spring 2013

Dr Thomas Stephen Szasz 15 April 1920 (Budapest) – 8 September 2012 (Manlius, NY) with the death of Thomas Szasz, at the age of 92, psychiatry has lost its most vociferous critic. Asylum 19:4 began with an appreciation by Ron Roberts. Having called for contributions, we now mark the event with a collection of different perspectives on Szasz’s work and ideas. Read more

Asylum Magazine (Volume 19 No 4) Winter 2012

Thomas Szasz (1920 – 2012) Life, Liberty and Politics… Dr Thomas Szasz’s life-long defence of basic human freedoms came to an end on September 8th. Although sidelined for years by mainstream toxic psychiatry, Szasz’s work remains far from irrelevant. On both sides of the Atlantic, the government of the people by corporate and business representatives against the people appears committed to eroding or abolishing those liberties that have been won through determination and hard-fought struggle. Read more

Asylum Magazine (Volume 17 No 3) Autumn 2010

This is the third issue since the relaunch last March. The first two issues focussed on particular topics – paranoia and medication, respectively. These were packed with information and were well-received by those who saw them. And if you didn’t see them, order them now! In contrast, this issue touches a variety of bases. Read more