Asylum Magazine (Volume 29 No 4) Winter 2022

Welcome to the Winter issue of Asylum magazine.



Editorial: What’s happening in mental health services? H. Spandler

Our mental health system is failing those in distress. Anandi Ramamurthy and Paul Baker

A pathological “diagnosis-seeker” speaks out. Wren Aves ***SAMPLE ARTICLE***

The Politics of Mental Health Care in Trieste. Vincenzo Passante ***SAMPLE ARTICLE***

Growing up Mad in the sunniest town in Switzerland. Leila

Poem – Indelible Punctuation. S. Reeson

“If the world is bad and heaven is not good, where is the alternative?” Eleni Alevanti

Hanging On: The Story of a Photograph. Andrew Furey

Summer Job. Elliot Margolies

Like Those Awful Dead People. Erika Nichols-Frazer

Poem – Motivational Speaker at a Mental Health Conference. Mel Mallory

In Memory of Christos. Initiative for a Diverse Movement in Mental Health

Book review – Heartbeats of Hope. Jim Gottstein

“How Does It Feel?” Ray Ryterski

‘Don’t Do Anything Silly’. Liam Kirk

Poem – Not OK. Janine Booth

Asylum Tributes to Debra Shulkes and Fiona Jones

TV Index Notion. Chris Bird

Poem – Deafening. Amy Laprade

Letters – Getting Asylum into mental health settings

The Hysterixx Are Not Laughing. Slowslowzo  ***SAMPLE ARTICLE***

Steve. David Parkin

Women’s Mental Health Activism in the UK

Hospital Rooms

Sample articles

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