Asylum Magazine (Volume 30, number 3) – Autumn 2023

The Autumn edition of Asylum magazine is out now. Our front cover image is ‘Contorted body’ by Alex Widdowson.


Embracing schizoaffectivity through the neurodiversity paradigm – Alex Widdowson
Autistic Pride UK: A short history – Joseph Michael
Autistic Experience in the Majority World: Some reflections
Why my recovery is killing me – Sam Thomas
DIALOGUE+ or genuine dialogue? – CCrAMHP
Not the right environment? – Rachel Rowan Olive
Poem: Get a Grip – Janine Booth
A review of a local Acute Therapy Service – Nez Sharp
Poem: The Death of Diogenes – John Adlam
The Other Side of the Mirror – Kyle Hulbert
Poem: Depo – Chris Bird
A Sophisticated Rebellion – Tam Martin Fowles
‘Sophisticated Insult’ exhibition – Featured artist: Nicole Lacey
The Haunting Voices Within – Adam Levon Brown
The Health Insurance Maze – Miel Sloan
Fundamentally Flawed? – Lucette Davies
Is Drapetomania a myth? – Hel Spandler
Goggie Withers: A tribute to my other personality – Liz Pitt Jordan
FOSTREN: Reducing Coercion in Mental Health Services across Europe
Stop Oxevision
Poem: Safety In Numbers – Kendal Eaton
Poem: Baker Acted – Laura Sobbott Ross
Book review: Left Alone
Book review: Mad World
Book review: Pushing the Boundaries
Mad Pride: Spinning hope from fear – Tamara Hart

Sample articles

Embracing schizoaffectivity through the neurodiversity paradigm – Alex Widdowson

Not the right environment – Rachel Rowan Olive

Mad Pride: spinning hope from fear – Tam Hart

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