Asylum Magazine (Volume 30, No 2) – Summer 2023


The Summer 2023 issue of Asylum is out now.  There will be an online launch on Thursday 22 June 2023 from 6-7pm. Everybody welcome.


Our cover illustration – a double spread – is by Ami-Mai, whose poem is also included in this issue.




BPD: My Sense of Self,or Your Sense of Me? Hattie Porter
Re-connecting the Personal and Political – Natasha Polomski
Poem – Mentally Speaking
Not my words, not my storyJulia Buxton  *** SAMPLE ARTICLE ***
Poem – Iatrogenic harm
Surviving the Mental Health System Anon *** SAMPLE ARTICLE ***
Standing in Solidarity with the #stopSIMCoalition
The ‘Capacity for Suicide’ Phenomenon – Jane Fisher
In Memoriam: Jolijn Santegoeds – Robin Timmers
Intentional Peer Support in Peer Run Respite Settings – Lisa Archibald & Vic Welle
Compulsory Treatment Orders: A carer’s perspective – Sara Hunter *** SAMPLE ARTICLE ***
Finding My Self Again – Kay Sharkey 
Bodymind – Devin S. Turk
Book review – The Prison Psychiatrist’s Wife – Reviewed by Jim Gottstein
Poem – Hobson’s Choice
An attempt at Psychiatric Humour – Bippyone 
Poem – Osborne Ward
Someone save the NHS – Ami-Mai 
Letters to Asylum
Poems – Salvation Mountain / The Dandy Lions
Day Break (my experience of schizophrenia) – Chris Bird
Poem – Breathe in 1, 2, 3 28
The Hysterixx are Ready and Waiting – slowslowzo 
Opinion – ADHD or NHS Scandal?
The Bridge – Miriam Leibowitz *** SAMPLE ARTICLE ***



Sample Articles

Not my words, not my storyJulia Buxton 

Surviving the Mental Health System – Anon

The Bridge – Miriam Leibowitz