Asylum Magazine (Volume 30, No 4) – Winter 2023

The Winter edition of Asylum magazine is out now. Our front cover image is ‘Childhood under Rubble’ by Amira Tanany.




Are we medicating the planet – Meg Allen


Ode to the MSc Mad Studies – Julie Macintosh


Gaslighting in Acute Mental Health Hospitals – Kris Dearing, Safety for Recovery Study

In Search of ADHD Meds – Janine Booth & Liz Yeates

Best Pussy Disorder – Natasha Downs

The Psychiatric Censorship of Experience – Fintan Fitzgerald Glackin

Trench Warfare in Mental Health – Tony Roberts

Embracing Neuroqueer Identities – Oscar Patton-Lyons

An Autobiographical Account – Mydha

The Jewel in the Wreckage of my ‘Personality Disorder’ – Zoe Kristin

Learning from my Fear of Ghosts – Olivia Hancock

Revisiting 19th Century Asylums – Ute Oswald

Radically Rethinking Dementia ‘Care’ – Liz Bell


Poem: ‘Things I have forgotten’ – Patrick Wood

UK News and Reports

Book Review: The Empire of Normality – Reviewed by Ian Parker



Sample articles


Are we medicating the planet – Meg Allen

Radically Rethinking Dementia ‘Care’ – Liz Bell



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