Asylum Magazine (Volume 31, No 1) – Spring 2024

The Spring 2024 edition of Asylum magazine is out now.

Our front cover image – Liberation is not a seat at your table –  is by Lea Cooper.



The Music We Made in The Dark – Robyn Thomas 
On the Psychiatric Ward – Chris Bird 
Room 13 – Stella Fremi
Rollercoaster – Dimitris Passas 
Poem: Fault Lines Chris –  Scriven 
Surveillance is not ‘Safety’ – Sophina Mariette 
Poem: Persephone Says – John Adlam
The Neuroaffirming Power of Pathological Demand Avoidance – Elliott Pascoe
Poem: Purgatory – Hannah Sexton
Institutionalised – Chloe Watts
Maintaining the Fidelity of Mad Studies – Lisa Archibald  *** SAMPLE ARTICLE ***
Dear Therapist – TO Walker
Hospital or Jail? – Lin Bigwood *** SAMPLE ARTICLE ***
‘Infinite Rebellion’ & ‘The Madness of Normality’ – John Fox
Madness, Violence and the Media – Hel Spandler *** SAMPLE ARTICLE ***
Poem – The ECT Room – Jane Harrigan
The Chemical Imbalance Theory and Me – Muhammad Khan
Encounters with a ‘Dirty Drug’ – Padraig Freeman
News Round-Up
Book Reviews
Poems:One More Day Matt – Loat
Fruit Salad – Jane Harrigan



Sample articles


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