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Kick the Neo-Nazis Out!

The post in the photo above is from an anti-fascist protest in London after the murder (in cold blood) on 18th September in Athens, Greece of a Greek left-wing hip-hop artist (Pavlos Fyssas) by Golden Dawn, a far-right party that was elected and entered the Greek Parliament in 2012 (Link to Article). Read more

How can we represent madness and ‘mad knowledge’ without madness being ‘lost’ in translation?

I understand ‘mad knowledge’ as experiential, embodied, tacit knowledge stemming from the direct, subjective, lived experience of acute mental distress. I see both individual and collective dimensions of mad knowledge. Individual dimensions of mad knowledge – in my mind-point to individual suffering and distress, whereas collective dimensions pertain to the body of experiential knowledge accumulated through the history of the psychiatric survivor movement. Read more