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12th February 2018

Critical Dialogues on Neurodiversity – call for papers

This stream of the Lancaster Disability Studies Conference - led by the Participatory Autism Research Collective (PARC) - aims to...
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12th February 2018

Lancaster Disability Studies Conference – Call for Papers

Researchers, policy makers, practitioners and activists from all over the world come together at the Lancaster Disability Studies conference.  The...
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10th February 2018

Mental health and neoliberalism: video of NSE event

Can today's crisis in mental health be seen as the result of neoliberalism? We asked the panelists to reflect on...
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7th February 2018

The Effect – radio play

"I can tell the difference between who I am and a side effect." Award-winning chemical romance. Connie (Jessie Buckley -...
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2nd February 2018

While your back was turned: the mental health of young women and girls

The mental health of young women and girls is deteriorating, and the gap between men and women has widened over...
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24th January 2018

Social Policy First Hand – an introduction to participatory social welfare

Written by Sarah Carr and Peter Beresford, Social Policy First Hand is the first comprehensive international social policy text from...
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19th January 2018

Solidaritea at the Field

The Mental Health Resistance Network presents SolidariTEA at the Field in Pckham, on1st Feb 2018. It's a spoken word event...
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15th January 2018

Power Threat Meaning framework: new publication

The framework described here, the Power Threat Meaning Framework, is an over-arching structure for identifying patterns in emotional distress, unusual...
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8th January 2018

Mental Health Discussion and Campaigning Groups – UK based

This list was compiled following the Asylum Action & Reaction conference and will shortly be integrated in to the links...
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8th January 2018 / blog

The Memoirs of a Crazy Happy Lady Blog

Late 20 something year old, trying to work out what the F is going on in life whilst being saddled...
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