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Reviewers wanted!

Book Reviews
Is there a mental health related book you’d like to review? If so, we might be able to get you a review copy.

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Lived experience employment survey


 The LEP research team invite you to take part in a short survey gathering information on lived experience employment.  Their aim is to survey anyone who incorporates lived experience of a personality disorder diagnosis into their role, including but not limited to:

  • Volunteer peer support workers
  • KUF trainers
  • Mental health or social care commissioners or strategists
  • Generic mental health settings (e.g. peer support workers who might be based in a CMHT or CRHT)
  • Registered professionals (e.g. clinical psychologists, nurses, occupational therapists) who also have a lived experience of receiving a personality disorder diagnosis

The aim of the study is to explore the experience of undertaking such roles, mapping perceptions of helpful and hindering features within work/volunteering environments. The survey should take less than ten minutes of your time. The closing date for the survey is midnight on the 2nd March 2018

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Critical Dialogues on Neurodiversity – call for papers

Participatory Autism Research Collective
Participatory Autism Research Collective

This stream of the Lancaster Disability Studies Conference – led by the Participatory Autism Research Collective (PARC) – aims to facilitate the sharing of views across critical perspectives within the neurodiversity field. It aims to widen the field to include a diverse range of neurodivergent ways of being, bridging fields and connecting concepts and experiences, and also to make a positive change regarding the input of neurodivergent scholarship and to promote a participatory ethos.

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Lancaster Disability Studies Conference – Call for Papers

Researchers, policy makers, practitioners and activists from all over the world come together at the Lancaster Disability Studies conference.  The event promotes debate and the sharing of research, ideas and developments in disability studies.  See here for further details of the call for papers and a special conference stream on Critical Dialogues in Neurodiversityconvened by the Participatory Autism Research Collective (PARC).

Disability Studies Conference
Disability Studies Conference

Mental health and neoliberalism: video of NSE event

Can today’s crisis in mental health be seen as the result of neoliberalism? We asked the panelists to reflect on the aftermath of the 2007/08 financial crisis and the austerity policies which followed, but then to engage with how the slashing of expenditure on public services and increase in private debt has been met with questions around whether these factors are exacerbating mental health problems.

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